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Welcome to Killer Whale Fitness Apparel Collection for Men!

Welcome to Killer Whale Fitness Apparel Collection for Men!

  • robert stoian

What is a Gym Wardrobe without Black Shorts and a Quick Dry Top?

Choosing the right training gear does not need to be complicated.

Killer Whale has created a simple yet effective fuss free range of items for Men that are high quality as well designed for those who love a hard workout in or out of the Gym.

Killer Whale Quick Dry Breathable T-shirt Men Space Dye, if you are looking for a Gym Top that will keep you cool, calm and collected during even the most intense of the sessions then this is it.

Rather then just keeping you dry, this training Top is made to keep you at the right temperature for all workouts, whether you are enjoying a workout in a sunny Park or sweating it on a Bench in an air-conditioned Gym.

Absolute superb patron with different colours, these Tops can be a looser fit or a slimmer fit depending on your preference.

Killer Whale Long Sleeve Top Men Half Zip Top Thermal Dry Fit Gym, this item is an absolute gem, lightweight, thermal allows you to maintain body temperature to an optimal level.

It is the perfect choice for an early morning Outdoor Run, the long sleeves will protect you from the cool crisp weather, Half Zip that allows for an easier fit but also because you may just require extra ventilation as you start to warm up.

One of my favourite features of the Long Sleeve Top is truly the Cuff detail with Thumb hole, we consider this to be crucial particularly if you are a Runner or if you practice Sports that require rapid movement range, simply because it keeps the Top in place, there is no need to adjust it during performance.

This Top is complete by reflective details on the back, that allows for visibility when is dark outside.

Killer Whale Men Swim Shorts Waterproof Quick Dry Beach Shorts with Mesh, as the warm weather approaches, we could not leave behind the Classic Shorts.

Killer Whale Shorts features two side pockets and one in the back for keys and small items, adjustable waist, because let us be honest, there is nothing more distracting than constantly be pulling the Shorts up or Jumping in the water with the fear that the Shorts will come off, we got you covered!

The Shorts fits every body type, they are an absolute must for Summer Sports like Swimming or Surfing and because they are Quick Dry you know that they are the best option, as they will keep you from retaining water in your body for too long risking you to be cold and feeling extremely uncomfortable.

Can you wear these Shorts to Run or for your workouts at the Gym?

The answer is absolutely YES!

The Shorts will keep you cool and allows for big strides while Running, in the Gym setting this is also true particularly because they are made of soft Breathable material and there is nothing better than feeling confident about your Active Wear.

Last, but not least we present Killer Whale Running Top Men's Long Sleeve Top Light Weight UPF 50.

Much more lightweight than the aforementioned Top above this one is designed for the Summer; it can absolutely be worn Indoors as well.

Regardless of whether you are going Hiking, Running or Cycling in hot weather, this Top will offer protection from the harmful Ultraviolet rays.

Long Sleeves that offer a superior protection, however Quick Dry and Breathable to give you the most comfort in every circumstance.

The Design is simple, yet the material used is of an extraordinary quality.

Killer Whale Active Wear for Men comes in a range of 6 trendy colours to choose from, and they are look incredibly hot!

Why do we choose Breathable Fabrics for our Fitness Collection?

If you are wearing Cotton at the Gym or in other High Intensity Sports, the simple fact is that you are going to sweat and you are going to retain heat and moisture, so wearing a lighter breathable fabric is only common sense.

This idea is backed by Science, where a study looking at how performance in the heat is affected by clothing concluded that clothes with lower vapour resistance, (gym wear that does not keep heat locked in), significantly boost running speed and overall sports performance.

At Killer Whale we Design our Apparel with the client in mind and we do know that the correct well fitted Sports Apparel improves Performance and Confidence.

Killer Whale Team