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About us

“Be smart…”

Killer Whale has been an Established Clothing brand since 2018.
Since the very beginning our main focus, with ever changing times, is to bring to our clients the best quality of Casual and Sports Wear at affordable prices.
We are passionate about simple yet elegant designs that are versatile for everyday wear.

Our apparel is produced at the highest standard with the best materials, because we believe in clothing that lasts for a long time and provides a great wear experience to our customers. We do provide a vast range of collections with a beautiful palette of soft and vibrant colours. Killer Whale cares about the environment and its carbon footprint, all our products are manufactured in Europe, so you know it is a Brand you can trust with the best manufacturing practices.

Why we choose the killer whale as our logo?

Killer Whales are majestic, they are one of the most intelligent, strongest, and social creatures amongst all Oceanic mammals.
The Killer Whale has no predators, no rivals, their sophisticated hunting techniques are unmatched, and the sound they produce it is simply enchanting.

Our Brand emulates all the above characteristics, and we would love to invite our clients to be part of our journey and feel empowered as the Killer Whale does in the vast Oceans.

We want our customers to be a part of our journey, to enjoy our product and continue to shop with us.