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T-Shirt Basic Collection

T-Shirt Basic Collection

  • robert stoian

The T-shirt, now unisex and all purpose, began its life as an undergarment worn by men.

In the Middle Ages, T-shaped Shirts made of woven cotton or linen provided a layer between the body and the garments worn over top.

These Shirts were easy to wash and provided a hygienic barrier for the skin.

Wearing a clean, laundered Shirt showed off a gentleman’s wealth.

The T-Shirt underwent several significant changes in the 19th Century, new knitting technology meant that it could be mass produced in a more form-fitting shape, with added refinements and in a widder range of textiles.

Hygienists lauded knit-wool, t-shaped undershirts as protection against cold and bodily maladies and recommended that Women wear them instead of Corsets.

The practise of wearing T-Shirts as outerwear was quickly adopted by working-class Men on the weekends.

The T-shirt Business boomed in the early decades of the 20th Century.

It was just in the early 2000’s that the humble T-shirt became accepted as Office Attire.

Killer Whale has started its debut in 2019 creating the Basic T-Shirt Collection for Men and Women.

These are your traditional White Crisp Cotton T-shirts with Classic Round Neck well as the more modern V-Neck.

Killer Whale T-shirts are made of Cotton, they are hypoallergenic, that allows you to wear them for 24hrs and still feel fresh, but this is not all, the beauty of their simple design, combined with soft colours as well as show stopping greens and yellows, are all part of a fantastic array of choice.

The T-shirts are manufactured in Europe for an unparalleled quality that you can trust, the best Cotton is always used for the comfort of client in mind.

Whether you chose to wear our T-shirts as underwear or outerwear you can be sure that these are an essential piece of garment in the modern wardrobe.

For those who appreciate a little elegant detail on the side, we have also designed the Basic Collection for Men with the killer Whale Logo, a beautiful T-shirt that matches all casual occasions.

The T-Shirt is the most versatile piece of clothing ever existed, regardless of your personal style, with the countdown to the end of the Lockdown the humble T-Shirt remains our favourite for cosy days in, and sofa surfing nights.